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Electronic Engineering Technician

Program Objective

Upon completion of this EET program, the students will understand the basic Electronic components, DC/AC circuits and theorem, concepts, fundamentals and operations of the Electronic (Analog/Digital) circuits and devices.  


Students will also be able to do Electronic experiments, operate, test and measurement equipment, trouble-shoot and repair Electronic PCBs and systems as well 

Course Offered

Computer Basic
Detailed presentation of microcomputer hardware and software and the Window operating system and environment. Creating simple documents using word processing software and how to effectively using the internet and writing email

We Welcome
Corporate Tuition - Reimbursement -Workers Compensation - CaliforniaTraining Benefits - ETP - CalWorks -Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) -Vocational Rehab


Introduces students to assembly works including electronic component identification and handling, color code alphanumeric code and EIA code reading, Prep and PCB loading technique, THT and SMT soldering and de-soldering technique, wiring and harnessing technique

Intro to EET and Math Review
Introduces students to EET program structure, history of electronics, electronics technician profession and the electronics industry. Review Electronic math  and how to use scientific calculator

Career Opportunities
Electronics Technicians, Electronics Engineering Assistant, ICT Troubleshooting Technicians, Troubleshooting technicians, Equipment Maintenance Technicians and Field Service Engineers.

Electronic Technician Part 1

Introduces basic concepts theories and fundamentals of Electric and Magnetic fields; Basic Electronic components and applications; Analyze and solve DC and AC circuits using Electronic theorems and laws. Studies various types of basic Analog circuits and devices

Electronic Technician Part 2

Studies basic Digital circuits and system; Introductions of Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Decimal number systems, Boolean expressions;  Understanding the principles of digital circuit operations and integrations including Integrated Circuit Logic Gates, Sequential Circuits (Flip-Flops, etc.), and various types of other Digital circuits and devices

Electronic Technician Part 3
Advanced Circuit Applications

Introduction to some complex Electronic circuits and systems (Linear and Switching, Communication circuits, etc.) Electronic Experiments Electronic labs, circuit maker (simulation), and learn to trouble-shooting techniques



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