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Accounting / Bookkeeping

Career Opportunities

Bookkeepers, Accounting Assistants, Account Clerk, Account Payable / Receivable Clerk, Payroll Clerk

Course Offered

Computer Basics
Detailed presentation of microcomputer hardware and software and the Window operating system and environment. Creating
simple documents using word processing software and how to effectively using the Internet and writing email.

Office Internet & Email
Basic introduction to the use of E-Mail and basic understanding of navigating the internet using popular browsers.

Intro to MS Office Word & Excel
Basic introduction to MS Office Word and Excel to create a simple Word document and an Excel data list.


Advance MS Word
Create and edit documents using character and paragraph formatting. How to manage auto text entries, styles, templates, macros, merging and multiple columnar formats, mail merge. Microsoft Word Art is also covered.


MS Excel Level 1
Learn to create worksheets, charts and pivot tables lookup functions, and audit formulas.


MS Excel Level 2
Customize and create advanced formulas and macro functions. Investigate analysis tools, import/export data and troubleshooting technique.


MS PowerPoint
Providing with the tools needed for business presentations. Computer graphics and animation will be introduced along with layouts, font sizing, and slide design.


MS Access Level 1
This course introduces the students to the main concepts of database management systems, presenting Microsoft Access as a database package including advanced Excel functions. Topics
such as creating a data file, sorting, indexing, creating entry forms, creating labels and reports, using functions, using memory variables, work areas.

Intro to QuickBooks
Learn how to setup company in Quick-Books and configure common account settings. How to navigate the Quick-Books interface to manage accounts and generate reports.


Accounting / Bookkeeping
The course will prepare the student to perform the basic activities and principles of accounting. Topics include: accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory control, daily operations fiscal reporting, end of month fiscal reporting and end of year
fiscal reporting. Students will also learn accounting for payroll, cash, sales and purchases, and financial statement.



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