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Computer Programming


●  Knowledge or experiences with one of the following languages: C, C++, Java, Ruby or any high level programming language
●  Know how to install software on Windows or Mac
●  Know how to use an editor on Windows or Mac

Program Objective
What you will learn

Python is a general high level language, being used extensively by Google, Facebook, IBM, Yahoo etc. Python is the most popular programming language for test automation. The first part of this class covers the Python language using Pycharm as a development environment. The second part teaches you how to write programs in Python to automate test cases to test hardware devices. A Rasberry Pi device is used as a device under test. You will write test cases to test this device. 

An overview architecture and building blocks of a sample test automation system similar to real world industry standard will also be studied. This test system supports simple web-based user interface. Your understanding of lecture materials will be enforced by completing programming homework assignments.

●  To download, install and configure all necessary software to set up Python development environment (Pycharm, DBNavigator). All required software are free.
●  Object-oriented programming concepts.
●  Data structures: list, tuple, dictionary, set, pickle, shelve
●  Control statements: if, for loop, while loop, continue, break.
●  Multi-threaded programming
●  Exceptions
●  File input/output
●  Testing life cycle and sample test plans.
●  How to use graphical user interface (GUI) generator tool to generate simple Python GUI code.

●  Architecture and building blocks of a simple test automation system
●  How to install and use Pytest to execute your test scripts.
●  How to utilize Python to automate test cases and build automation frameworks for an automated testing system.
●  How to write plug-in code for Python HTTP Server to process web-based user’s requests
●  How to write SSH client to interact with Rasberry Pi device
●  How to use SQLite3 to keep track of test results
●  Basic hypertext markup language (HTML)

Class schedule

●  4-6 months



Tel: 408-239-5520

Spa Facilities


Mon-Fri:  9am - 5pm

Sat: 9am - 1pm

Plant Nursery


2268 Quimby Rd #E

San Jose, CA 95122

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