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We are committed to providing students with well-rounded training and an excellent educational opportunity. We work in parallel with business entrepreneurs in responding to global view in social, cultural and economic needs. We endeavor to be one of the leading institutions in research and development of effective programs of study.

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For more than a decade, Au Lac Institute has successfully provided vocational education to prepare students for careers in the computer, electronics and software technology industries. Responding to changing social, cultural and economic needs, we are expanding our program and curriculum to include healthcare. In recognition of this change, a division of Au Lac Institute, Inc. is formed. Aulac Institute will continue the legacy and vision of Au Lac Institute, Inc. to help individuals fulfill their educational and career goals.

To achieve our vision as one of the leading vocational colleges in the world, we will focus on our core competencies, develop and use innovative teaching methods, create effective and practical curriculum, and hire experienced training professionals.

In the global economy, knowledge is power. Unfortunately, many of our fellow brothers and sisters still live in poverty because they lack educational opportunities. With that in mind, Advanced Learning Institute will offer full or partial scholarships to low income students who dare to have a dream.  This way, students together with ALI can help improve the condition of our fellow brothers and sisters, one person at a time.

Please join us for an exciting journey to a brighter future!

  • Life-Time Technical Support
    We provide free life-time technical support on any subjects you studied. You can also retake any courses at no charge to you as long as the course is still offering at AIC.

  • Life-Time Career Support
    Our Career Counselors are dedicated to help you attain your career goal by assisting you with interviewing techniques, job search, and internship program.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    In a short period, we will give you the best and only the most relevant and valuable information to help you be the best you can be. We guaranteed that upon completion of our courses, you would gain more knowledge, confident as well as hands-on experience in the subject you studied that can be applied immediately to help you succeed.



Tel: 408-239-5520

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Mon-Fri:  9am - 5pm

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2268 Quimby Rd #E

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